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We live in an time when media attention raises awareness (and also fear) of childhood sexual abuse. With all the danger we see, how in the world can we keep our children safe? Kathy Milans shares wisdom and tangible resources that will help you keep the children in your life more safe from sexual predators.

It is difficult to come to terms with aging in our anti-aging culture. Media and society promote youth. Kathy Milans shares her own key to celebrating a healthy (and mature) body and sound mind.

Domestic violence is a widespread problem, but it can be shocking to encounter a situation in which a victim comes to you for help. Unfortunately, unhelpful and even damaging responses are far too common. This post details some of the best things people can say to domestic violence survivors and some advice on actions that actually are helpful.

What happens when you don't necessarily get the answer you prayed for? Jonas Hamilton shares how God worked change in his life through a family member's struggle with disability.

Have you held on to hard or hurtful thoughts about someone? These thoughts, when allowed to fester, will be destructive in your life. Will you take our compassion challenge and offer those thoughts to God?

What does celebration have to do with worship? Chassity Neckers offers 3 tips for celebrating the gifts of God every day.

Are you struggling to have real community? Katie Heckel shares three tips to help you interact with your neighbors in healthy ways.

Are you frazzled and worn? Have others cast judgment? Are you in need of encouragement? Patricia Taylor explains the importance of even simple acts of encouragement.

Going to college can be one of the toughest transitions people will ever go through in life. College ministries are on the front lines, being the hands and feet of Christ for students and caring for their souls. Patricia Taylor shares her experience serving on a weekend mission at the Wesley Foundation on the University of Kentucky campus.

Karen Vine shares what might happen if you make snap judgments about people.

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