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Immigrants are thrust into a new culture and a different way of life, often with no preparation. How can we be desperately needed friends to the strangers in our lands? Karen Vine shares the joy of opening doors to new people.

Sometimes our busyness is a way of not dealing with other things, but it can also isolate us and make us lonely. Is God calling you to make space? Karen Vine shares how God called her to make space for a purpose--to welcome other women--and how that turned into a community for herself and others.

What does celebration have to do with worship? Chassity Neckers offers 3 tips for celebrating the gifts of God every day.

Are you worn out and weary in ministry or caregiving? Have you been taking care of yourself? James Hampton shares wisdom on the importance of caring for the caregiver.

Does the thought of showing hospitality strike fear into your heart? Be not afraid! Karen Vine shares six super easy ways to practice hospitality without driving yourself crazy!

Is hospitality becoming a thing of the past? Kare Vine muses about the ways hospitality has changed over the years and what our responsibility is as Christians: to practice warmth and welcome to the stranger.

We always hear that it is not good to air your dirty laundry. But, what do you do when someone offers to wash it for you? Patricia Taylor tells the story of how a neighbor's offer of incarnational love taught her to allow others into the not-so-clean parts of her life and how we are made for community.

What does it mean for perfect love to cast out all fear? Can we even imagine a future with no fear? Duke Walker muses about loneliness and fear—and how we are never really alone.

Today, we interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly breather to honor one who has paved the way for many to be saved, many to be healed, and many to be discipled. In light of Sunday being All Saints' Day, we would like to take a moment and tell you about one of those saints. With this post, we begin our Legacy of Faith series.

We all want children who will succeed in life, and part of their success hinges on their ability to value and perform hard work. How can we ensure that we are teaching children the value of honest work? Kathy Milans weighs in with sound advice.

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