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Hospitality and care of others always disrupts normal life, and while anticipating that disruption is one thing, restructuring your life to include the rhythms you most need only happens on purpose. We see that it will not be enough to have good intentions about our spiritual growth; if we are not intentional about building these things into our everyday lives, they will not happen.

Is prostitution really a victimless sin? It may mean the difference between life and death to know the truth about prostitution and sex trafficking. This true story has been given to us to be published, to help others see how easy it is for the vulnerable to be exploited and to see that there is a very real victim in the midst of this evil form of modern-day slavery.

In some confession liturgies, the congregation asks forgiveness because "we have not heard the cry of the needy." But, sometimes it can be really hard to listen. Karen Vine shares her experience of finding listening difficult.

Immigrants are thrust into a new culture and a different way of life, often with no preparation. How can we be desperately needed friends to the strangers in our lands? Karen Vine shares the joy of opening doors to new people.

Even when we pray for God to help us love someone, are we not really praying for God to change that person and make him or her easier to love? But what if I am the one in need of a change? Patricia Taylor shares insight on loving others in the midst of disagreement.

How in the world can we talk with our children and help them understand death when we don't understand it ourselves? The topic makes us uncomfortable and afraid. It touches pain inside our own hearts from the questions we have that remain unanswered. Ellen Martin offers helpful, solid advice for helping our children death with death and grief.

How does the family system operate, and what happens when it doesn't work the way it should? In today's Soul Care Collective Aging and Spirituality Video, Dr. Don Joy explains how crucial the family system is in the development of a person's emotional life, and what the consequences are when the family system is dysfunctional.

What is the church’s call to refugees and immigrants? In part two of "Jesus and the Stranger," Dr. Darrell Whiteman shares three characteristics of responding to the refugee crisis from a missional perspective.

We always hear that it is not good to air your dirty laundry. But, what do you do when someone offers to wash it for you? Patricia Taylor tells the story of how a neighbor's offer of incarnational love taught her to allow others into the not-so-clean parts of her life and how we are made for community.

You know that famous Wesleyan question, “how is it with your soul?” Does anyone else find it to be a daunting icebreaker? I have often heard from small group leaders that it can be a challenge to get their groups to go beyond surface conversations or fill in the blank Bible studies.

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