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Domestic Abuse happens more often than you think. Eunice Lee John shares how churches can respond to abuse and make a difference.

Is your church a Pokémon Go stop? Jenny Williams shares how you might care for the souls of those who are looking for little critters at your church.

What is the church’s call to refugees and immigrants? In part two of "Jesus and the Stranger," Dr. Darrell Whiteman shares three characteristics of responding to the refugee crisis from a missional perspective.

Too often, we see people misusing the Word of God to suit their own agendas. What does Jesus really have to say about justice and race? Dr. Craig Keener explains his journey of exploration through Scripture and what he found there in terms of racial reconciliation.

How in the world can we talk with our children and help them understand death when we don't understand it ourselves? The topic makes us uncomfortable and afraid. It touches pain inside our own hearts from the questions we have that remain unanswered. Ellen Martin offers helpful, solid advice for helping our children death with death and grief.

In some confession liturgies, the congregation asks forgiveness because "we have not heard the cry of the needy." But, sometimes it can be really hard to listen. Karen Vine shares her experience of finding listening difficult.

Being a parent is hard. Then, there is a spectrum of parenting styles to choose from. From micromanaging your child's life through play dates and arranged activities to completely free-range parenting, the choices are endless. Kathy Milans shares what a model of parenting with healthy play looks like from her perspective as a registered play therapist.

You know that famous Wesleyan question, “how is it with your soul?” Does anyone else find it to be a daunting icebreaker? I have often heard from small group leaders that it can be a challenge to get their groups to go beyond surface conversations or fill in the blank Bible studies.

Is your pastor's spouse on your heart? Michelle Marx shares 5 ways to encourage her today!

How can we make one church feel like home for a very diverse group of Christians? Bruce Cromwell shares what he learned about fostering unity in diversity.

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