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I didn't want to be a pacifist. Sometimes I still don't, but I am thoroughly convinced that not killing is an essential part of...

In country and western legend Willie Nelson’s song “Me and Paul,“ Nelson writes and repeats “I guess Nashville was the roughest, but I know...

Is homosexuality a core issue of Christian belief? A matter of doctrinal fidelity? Or is it essentially a question of human rights; the current...

"When God’s people fail to care for the land, they actually break every one the Ten Commandments. For all God’s commands touch the land in one way or another." Read more from Howard Snyder today on the feed.

In this provocative article, Howard Synder calls upon the church to reconsider its lax stance on creation care. He bases it upon 7 points of evidence about the state of the environment and 3 ways to move forward in our mission as a church.
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Is same-sex marriage compatible with Christian faith? Dr. Ben Witherington III addresses this question and explains how Scripture focuses on behavior not inclinations or orientation.    

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