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The band meeting was a form of discipleship that helped small groups of men and women practice intense vulnerability and confession of sin together. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video by Dr. Scott Kisker as he traces the history of this powerful spiritual discipline.

W. B. Fitzgerald once summarized British Methodists' distinctive Wesleyan aspects of salvation with the “four alls." Read more from Scott Kisker as he explains how these relate to biblical salvation.

Fully known. Fully loved. This is what is already ours in Christ, and what we can experience in transformative small groups called band meetings.

What is a band meeting and what is its purpose? In this video, Scott Kisker and Kevin Watson share the why behind their recent book, The Band Meeting: Rediscovering Relationship Discipleship in Transformational Community.

Within a few months of beginning field preaching in 1739, Wesley had set up the basic structure that was to mark Methodism for more than a century: Societies, Bands, and Class Meetings.

Life-changing groups will have members who honor the promise of confidentiality that is made in each group. Read more from Kevin Watson as he expresses a key element of transformative small group experiences.

Are you in a strange place with your small group? Kevin Watson shares the normal stages of a healthy small group in his book, The Class Meeting.

Is it worth it to do small groups in youth during the summer? Pierce Drake shares advice on the topic, as well as tips for what to teach.

The decline of the class meeting matters because disciples of Jesus Christ are called to live different lives, not just think different thoughts. Read more from Kevin Watson as he offers a challenge to the 21st century church.

What was one of the things that held the Methodist movement together? Kevin Watson's book, The Class Meeting, explains that Early Methodists' practice of watching over one another in love was what caused the movement and the people to flourish.