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With questions about gender identity, homosexual marriage, pornography, and sex trafficking needing answers, the church has either ignored the issue or responded with ideas that have left the average Christian confused. Joshua Toepper reviews a great resource for understanding human sexuality from a Christian lens.

The United Methodist Church employs an itinerant system for its clergy, moving them every few years to a new congregation. John Murdock posits that the UM appointment system is one of the cuts slowly bleeding to death a once vigorous spiritual and cultural bulwark.

The Beast of infertility—everyone's beast looks different. Elizabeth Pomeroy talks about her own infertility Beast and how it affects her life every day. But, there is hope. The Beast can be tamed.

Though not yet having undergone gender-reassignment surgery, Bruce Jenner has taken several steps towards becoming a woman, including asking the public to call him Caitlyn. In this article, John A. Murdock navigates the issue with sensitivity and care.

For so long, the topic of sex has been kept hush-hush, especially in the church. However, we cannot afford to be silent any longer, considering the volume of misinformation and erroneous information that exists about sex and Scripture. Kensi Duszynski shares 7 positive messages the church should know about sex.

Do we want our children growing up learning about sex from culture, or from the church? In today's article, Kensi Duszynski makes a compelling case for playing an active role in the sexual education of children and teenagers in the church, and promises to follow up with 7 positive messages about sex that kids need to hear.

Same-sex marriage has quickly become the presenting moral issue that divides our culture. The US Supreme Court will soon offer a ruling on whether or not states can ban gay marriage. Read up on 7 facts related to gay marriage in today's article by Andrew Dragos.

Doctrine can be examined as impersonal statements or argued and debated like philosophy. But a good test of any doctrine is how it plays out in real life. In today's post, Keith Drury shares a real world illustration—what sanctification has to do with sex.
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In this Seven Minute Seminary, Debra Hirsch wonders, where have all the sexy Christians gone? Why has sexuality become such a taboo subject in the church? Sexuality needs to be embraced, celebrated, and properly grounded in a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world.

The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 has gotten a lot of attention of late. Those who want to change The United Methodist Church’s position on same-sex practices cite it frequently. Did James and the other apostles decide that portions of the Mosaic law no longer applied to them? In what ways is our current debate similar to and different from the Jerusalem Council?