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Moses spoke the Word of God through which we saw our need of grace; Jesus, greatest Prophet, in You we behold God face to face.

The Psalms can be very turbulent, filled with anguish, and raw with emotion, but also full of deep theology. That's plenty reason to sing the Psalms.

All of Scripture is divinely inspired, but what do we do with the parts that challenge us? Rather than ignoring those sections, David Watson proposes that we allow the gospel of Jesus to interpret those texts to us.

Among many other wondrous things, Christmas is a preview of Jesus’ second coming. Christmas is bittersweet. The angels announce good will and peace on earth....

The project known as the demythologization of Scripture was a great tragedy in the life of the church. Watch this video from David Watson.

God speaks to us through the Bible and leads us into salvation. David Watson shares how the purpose of biblical revelation is to draw us deeper into the life of God.

Scripture is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. Read more from David Watson as he writes on the Bible's inspiration and purpose.

How does Scripture's authority work? Not only does the Bible make binding claims on our lives, it also has the backing of its divine author behind it—the trinitarian God.

David Watson shares that Bible was given to us so that we might know God and be transformed into the image of Christ as we are caught up into the divine life.

David Watson explains how the creedal teachings of the church provide some helpful parameters for our interpretation of Scripture.