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What is the Apocrypha? Why is the Protestant Bible shorter than the Catholic Bible? Should these books be considered inspired by God? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Bill Mounce answers these questions and more.

The New Testament and the gospel of Jesus claim theological continuity with the Old Testament, but what does this mean for our own reading of sacred Scripture? Read this post by Andrew Dragos, summarizing insights from Richard B. Hays' recent book, Reading Backwards.

Reading the Bible can lead to knowledge of God, and knowledge of God can lead to salvation.

God speaks to us through the Bible and leads us into salvation. David Watson shares how the purpose of biblical revelation is to draw us deeper into the life of God.

Jesus said that He came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. Andrew Dragos shares 7 major Old Testament prophecies and how Jesus fulfills them.

Happy new year! Whether you're preparing a midnight church service, meditating on Scripture with your family, or entering your prayer closet, here are 12 bible verses for the new year. We pray that 2015 would be a rich experience of God's holy love for you personally, your family, your neighborhood, your church, and all of creation.

The scriptures mark out a path that guides and leads us to God’s future. In our day, as we sense acutely the new challenges presented to the work of the gospel, followers of Jesus must hold to the practice of faithfulness to God’s word as a key habit to cultivate and embody that life. Such a way of life will serve as the fuel for revitalizing existing communities of faith and for the launching of new ones.

Long Story Short is a book that uses humor and relatable experiences to teach the basic storyline of Scripture from beginning to end.

As God's Word, the Bible has the power to shape us into a transformed people of God that testifies to his holy love for all of creation. We are pleased to provide footage of the entire interview with Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington on this important topic here now.

God appoints people to serve as stewards of creation and outlines foundational instructions for His chosen people for handling money in the Old Testament.