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Christians are not formed in isolation—the pursuit of holiness is a communal endeavor.

When Methodists have lowered their expectations of what God can do in this life, spiritual and numeric decline have followed.

It is time to retrieve and receive the grand depositum that God has so graciously given to us.

Jesus offers forgiveness to the person who has sinned against us not from a position of ignorance, but from the position of having experienced what we have experienced.

The way of repentance leads to the fullness of life in Christ, even to entire sanctification.

God doesn’t only want us to be good. He doesn’t only want us to do great things. He wants to give us deep faith so we can go far.

Augustine was bound in sin and needed to be set free for holy living. This is why conversion cannot be separated from holiness, because this separates the second person of the Trinity from the third person of the Trinity.

Miriam Swaffield introduces us to biblical holiness as God's gift and invitation to carry his transforming presence with us everywhere in the world.
God's Promises

Whatever you are facing, God is greater. Whatever you fear, there is a promise you can trust.

In some sense, the entire New Testament outside of the Gospels can be summarized by “abide and obey.”

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