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Sin may satisfy temporal desires, but virtue satisfies our deeply felt divine longings.

As we grow, we should be able to handle more significant challenges. And as we face them, we should find it easier and easier to overcome them.

Jesus asked that God would glorify him in the last hour so that he could finish his task of glorifying God on earth by completing the work God had given him.

To deny ourselves would be to deny those basic worldly, sinful impulses that seem so attractive to us on their surface.

As Christians have reflected on Hebrews 1:8-9, they have seen a glimpse of the divinity of Jesus, just as we also see a glimpse of his humanity.

The Warrior promised to the Israelites is the Messiah himself, come to defeat sin in a climactic way.

The lingering threat of becoming nothing more than a dead sect is ever before us. We need a recovery of holiness of heart and life, the antidote of the relativism that is the operative dynamic of our culture.

We often think of the vastness of God’s grace, but equally staggering to contemplate are the consequences of drifting away from him.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Steven Bruns looks back to history in order to discover the models used by the church during some of the church's most vibrant eras.

God will not allow us to bask in some warm, fuzzy glow that does not face reality. If we choose to live without God, his shalom is an impossibility.

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