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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Jim Miller on the relation between sin and worship in the book of Romans. View our growing playlist of Seven Minute Seminary here.

What if God wants to, in the words of Charles Wesley, “break the power of canceled sin”? Kevin Watson writes about the half-gospel of escaping sin and death.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Charles Gutenson here outlines John Wesley's order of salvation—that work of God which begins with prevenient grace and ends with glorifying grace. View our...

This is the second of a 3 part series on the biblical teaching on hell. In a Christian culture often reduced to a “turn-or-burn” mentality, is it more accurate to say, “You’re not going to hell”? A close reading of Scripture reveals that the divine punishment for human sin is death, not hell.

History is marked by much unwarranted polemicism in the church. In this article, Dr. Ken Werlein calls on the church to exercise theological humility and charity in working alongside one another for the gospel.

Is your understanding too narrow, and is it really based on what the Bible teaches? Read these 5 passages of Scripture, referenced by Richard Middleton in his lateset book, A New Heaven and a New Earth.

Did God love the Egyptians when he struck Egypt with plagues? In the larger biblical narrative, the answer is obviously yes. But when reading the Exodus story, its difficult to come to terms with. In this article, Craig Keener explains how and why God loved the Egyptians.

Jesus asked that God would glorify him in the last hour so that he could finish his task of glorifying God on earth by completing the work God had given him.

Renowned author and biblical scholar N. T. Wright sits down with J.D. Walt, Maxie Dunnam and Ben Witherington III to talk about his view on justification and salvation, and other things like baptism, worship and the new atheism.

Caleb Friedeman’s recent post titled “Eight Things Wesleyans Could Learn from Neo-Calvinists” seemed to be right and true. It got me thinking, however, about...