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What Happens When We Live Out Our Salvation in Christ? God continues to work in us to make us holy and blameless.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Joshua McNall presents four models for what's called atonement, or being made at-one with God.

What does the Bible teach about the Holy Spirit? Here is an outline of seven points to help keep the church grounded in biblical teaching on the Spirit of God.

Jason Vickers interprets the Protestant Reformation, of which Methodism was a part, by focusing on two of its renewal emphases: sola scriptura and sola fides.

What does the Bible teach about repentance? Read these seven quick points to discover a biblical summary of this essential Christian practice.

In Romans 8, Paul finally talks at length about the Christian life, and it is not an accident that there are some twenty references to the Holy Spirit.

What is discipleship, and what does it look like, according to the Bible? Read these seven points on discipleship from Andrew Dragos.

The good news is that God has placed Jesus at the head of the family—each of us stands accountable to him and each of us stands equal before him.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Steve Rankin shares a vision for Christian discipleship that moves us beyond believing the right doctrines and engaging the right disciplines, and reaches far into our human dispositions.

The story of restoration is a story written for all, excluding no one. Read more from David Hull as he shares the gospel in story form.

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