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What are some keys to a better small group experience? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Kevin Watson shares insights from the early Methodist small group practices, including the class meeting and the bands, both set up to enhance and produce social religion—the pursuit of holiness in shared community.

God’s power is essential for daily life, but it can’t stop there. Every generation is called to go after the most forceful display of divine power. Read more from Mark Nysewander as he urges us to pray for revival.

Twenty-five years ago, some futurists foresaw a major global crisis arriving in about the year 2020. In 1995 I published EarthCurrents: The Struggle for the...

What if instead of talking about church growth, we talked about church fruitfulness? Read more from Rachel Deigh as she reflects on recent conversations in her church.

God brings freedom through revivals, but it comes as a result of grace by faith, not our works. Read more from Mark Nysewander as he shares special insight from awakenings in history.

Covenant renewal services revisit what it means to be a follower of Christ. Adapted by professor and worship designer Jonathan Powers, check out this modern order of worship adapted from John Wesley's service.

Can both views be incorporated into one understanding of the church and church renewal that affirms both the necessity of a present, vital experience of Christian community and discipleship and also the validity of the church in its more institutional form?

It is boldness that plants revival cultures throughout the new nation and brings wave after wave of revival.

Gareth Higgs shares 4 keys his local church took to become a more missionally-minded British Methodist congregation.

What does the Bible teach about repentance? Read these seven quick points to discover a biblical summary of this essential Christian practice.

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