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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

80% of young, unmarried Christians have had sex. 66% of them have been sexually active in the past year. And yet three-quarters of evangelical Christians believe this is wrong. Clearly Abstinence isn't working for Christians in America. So what's the root of the problem and how does the Church deal with it?

Do you want to get the most you can out of this Lenten season? Winfield Bevins shares 10 ways to make Lent come to life for your family discipleship.

What is the deepest, most profound expression of love? It depends on who (or what institution) you ask. Our culture will likely say something completely different than the church, but is the church saying something different than Scripture? Taylor Zimmerman explains why the church desperately needs to reclaim a Biblical model of friendship.

Love becomes powerful and passionate as we embrace the common struggles, learning to survive and wrestle through them. There is more love in the act of perseverance than avoidance. Being lucky is not the same as being loyal.

You've had a conflict with someone in the church. Now what? There are specific things we can (and should!) do to resolve conflict with our brothers and sisters in the faith. Patricia Taylor shares three biblical steps to a healthy model of reconciliation in the church.

How does the Bible imagine marriage and sexuality? What evidence is there that sex is only condoned by God in the context of marriage? In this article, a team of biblical scholars respond with clues from the biblical text and world.

Let's face it. Pre-marital counseling will never entirely prepare us for marriage. For Kelly Grace, experience was her teacher. As we continue our Valentine's Week series, Kelly shares 12 things her Pastor didn't cover in pre-marital counseling.

A key building block in our theology of the body is the recognition that our physical bodies are signs to the world as we embody God’s saving purposes and his holy love.

How does God intend for a healthy family to handle conflict? Brandon Powell offers three principles for appropriate conduct when being together gets hard.

The body celebrates that our physical bodies serve a redemptive purpose. They are the means through which God conveys his grace.

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