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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

Taylor Zimmerman shares a Wesleyan view of sexuality.

How people pray greatly impacts what they believe. The early Church taught its people prayers and how to pray so that their faith would be correct and intact. It was one of the ways the Church discipled its people and encouraged them in their spiritual life and growth. Read more from Steven Bruns as he continues his series on discipleship in the early church.

Parenting can seem overwhelming at times. However, the good news is that we are not alone in this great task. God partners with us in the character development of children.

Advent is a time to join together with others to celebrate the coming of Christ’s birth.

How can parents and faith communities have the best chance at fruitfully passing faith on to the next generations based on this study’s findings? In this article, Tommy Williams shares 4 research-based ways that makes this possible and highly likely.

For so long, the topic of sex has been kept hush-hush, especially in the church. However, we cannot afford to be silent any longer, considering the volume of misinformation and erroneous information that exists about sex and Scripture. Kensi Duszynski shares 7 positive messages the church should know about sex.

In this digital age, pornography addiction is becoming increasingly common. It can poison relationships, and destroy lives. A staff member at shares how God saved his marriage and turned his life around. Plus, he offers some practical steps anyone can take to begin fighting the addiction.

How can I create a children's sermon that has substance and is both understandable and memorable? Rebecca Rutherford shares a realistic perspective.

Love becomes powerful and passionate as we embrace the common struggles, learning to survive and wrestle through them. There is more love in the act of perseverance than avoidance. Being lucky is not the same as being loyal.

What is an awakening? An awakening is moving from slumber to newness of life with God. At Seedbed, it's what we're all about. Read today's post by David Thomas, an expert in travailing prayer, to inspire you to engage in the preparatory work of a great awakening.

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