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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

As you go through the Lord’s Prayer, reflect on what each line means. As you go, begin to pray it from the heart as a family several times a day.

Is 50 Shades of Grey worth reading or seeing for the purpose of engaging friends and culture? In this article, Jeremy Spainhour offers a resounding No! both for men and women. He warns us not to let this movie whet your appetite.

It's that time of year again—kids are heading back to school. In this personal letter to his son, Steve Beards offers us a window into how sending a child off to college can be genuinely encouraging without being smothering.

Sometimes pastors are not equipped to deal with the type and intensity of problems a member may be experiencing. Misty Lawrence explains how to know when it is time to refer your member to a therapist.

Does your family have a time of worship together? Winfield Bevins shares 10 Tips for Your Family Worship Time.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Here is Dr. Ben Witherington giving us a biblical perspective on women’s roles in ministry and in the family. He explains women’s roles in...

How in the world can a Christian navigate the dating world? Katie Heckel shares some helpful dos and don'ts for dating.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

What are the origins of Halloween? As with other holidays, Halloween seems to have a mixture of both pagan and Christian origins. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary from Ben Witherington III suggesting ways we can engage with culture at this critical holiday.

For many women, the predicament of sinfulness appears different than for men. In today's article, Sharon Drury invites us to reflect on the ways in which we often mistakenly frame sinfulness and salvation in terms that relate to one gender more than the other.

Same-sex marriage has quickly become the presenting moral issue that divides our culture. The US Supreme Court will soon offer a ruling on whether or not states can ban gay marriage. Read up on 7 facts related to gay marriage in today's article by Andrew Dragos.

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