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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

A Christian theology of the body points to a tremendous, positive view of the material body.

Living Room Liturgy is written to help you worship in the everyday moments of life in your home.

Whether it be around the dinner table, in the living room, or in your backyard, your home can be a place of Easter worship.

The awakening we long for will never rise above the worship life and prayer life of our households.

Parenting can seem overwhelming at times. However, the good news is that we are not alone in this great task. God partners with us in the character development of children.

Your home is a domestic church, which is a term the early church used to describe the connection between the church and the family and our daily rituals.

In our ever-changing world, some time-tested and family-proven prayers can be just what we need to launch a life of deeper prayer in our families.

Advent is a time to join together with others to celebrate the coming of Christ’s birth.

How do children become Christians? It is no different for children than it is for adults. It’s simple, yet deeply profound.

As you go through the Lord’s Prayer, reflect on what each line means. As you go, begin to pray it from the heart as a family several times a day.

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