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Family & Relationships

Let you, your yoke-fellow, your children, and your servants, be all on the Lord's side; sweetly drawing together in one yoke, walking in all...

What is your favorite television show? What makes it so entertaining? It's all in the story! Betsy Phillips gives us a sneak peek into the reality of a missionary's real life and true story, season after season.

A key building block in our theology of the body is the recognition that our physical bodies are signs to the world as we embody God’s saving purposes and his holy love.

Every church has at least one. You know—the sweet and well-intentioned elderly lady who is always telling you about her grandson or neighbor’s daughter....

In the attempt to become relevant to teenagers, many youth ministries have lost the sense of sacredness that properly belongs in all churches. In this article, Jeremy Spainhour reminds us that youth ministry is not about providing entertainment and snacks, rather, youth ministry must reclaim its gospel-centeredness.

The incarnation is theologically linked to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is connected to our own bodily resurrection.

Is your church a Pokémon Go stop? Jenny Williams shares how you might care for the souls of those who are looking for little critters at your church.

As you go through the Lord’s Prayer, reflect on what each line means. As you go, begin to pray it from the heart as a family several times a day.

David Hull shares what God is doing in his family's midst: building communities of Christ-likeness.

Do you want to get the most you can out of this Lenten season? Winfield Bevins shares 10 ways to make Lent come to life for your family discipleship.

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