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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

Marriage in the United States is struggling, and there are plenty of statistics out there to prove it. But what would our society look like if marriages were flourishing? Beyond the two spouses who make a commitment, the community would be vastly different. What if marriages really did offer the world a picture of fidelity and grace? But there's a cost to change. So where do we start? Kelly Grace, developer of Seedbed's Marriage Incubator curriculum, offers some insight and inspiration. 

If you have ever considered homeschooling your children, this article is for you. As homeschooling is growing across the United States, its breaking out of the typical stereotypes. Professor Matt Freideman, father of six, shares why his family chose homeschooling. He also offers some helpful tips for parents who are considering it as an alternative option.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Here is Dr. Ben Witherington giving us a biblical perspective on women’s roles in ministry and in the family. He explains women’s roles in...

Let's face it. Pre-marital counseling will never entirely prepare us for marriage. For Kelly Grace, experience was her teacher. As we continue our Valentine's Week series, Kelly shares 12 things her Pastor didn't cover in pre-marital counseling.

In this digital age, pornography addiction is becoming increasingly common. It can poison relationships, and destroy lives. A staff member at shares how God saved his marriage and turned his life around. Plus, he offers some practical steps anyone can take to begin fighting the addiction.

80% of young, unmarried Christians have had sex. 66% of them have been sexually active in the past year. And yet three-quarters of evangelical Christians believe this is wrong. Clearly Abstinence isn't working for Christians in America. So what's the root of the problem and how does the Church deal with it?

An Asbury Seminary staff member shares how her eHarmony experience ended happily ever after. On this Valentine's day, see how online dating ended up in marriage for Carolyn Clayton.

I want to be married. And yet, I’m still single. Thinking God might need a more active role from me, I decided to join the online dating scene through eHarmony.  It was a three-month adventure, for sure, but not one I care to repeat. Everyone I never wanted to meet, I met via online dating. The very first match I received was an exceptionally attractive man, whose name shall remain anonymous. I’ll simply refer to him as The Camel. (Watch out - he spits.)  We talked on the phone twice, and then agreed to meet in a public place. Sure I thought he talked a lot, but I believed in grace and wrote it off as nervousness.  Before we met, he asked that no matter what, we keep the date to two hours.  That sounded like a reasonable boundary, so I agreed.  Then, I met The Camel in person. Bless his heart, he talked […]

Every Sunday, Seedbed will feature stories how of God is working through the people that make up the Church. Today's post comes from David Baldwin, a student and Project Coordinator at Asbury Theological Seminary. A life of a saint is surely like a song of praise lifted up to God. After 93 wonderfully full years of life, my grandmother recently passed away. At her memorial service, the minister described her life as being like a song with many verses that each spoke of the different aspects of her life. This was particularly appropriate for her since she was at one time a professional singer as well as an organist, pianist and choir director for several churches throughout her life. After hearing this eulogy, along with all of the memories shared by many of her family and friends, I found that I was barely aware of only one of the verses of […]

The Saturday Post is a weekly article by J.D. Walt, who shapes vision and gives leadership to Seedbed. This week's article invites a practical response to a malady plaguing us all.

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