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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

Written tongue-in-cheek style, John A. Page provides seven strategies on how to easily demolish your marriage vows, diminish spousal love, and deter any growth in what was once a lifetime relationship—if that’s what you really want to do.

In this introductory video on Islam, Matthew Friedman dispels myths about Islam and discusses how to get to know your Muslim neighbors. He goes over the 5 Pillars of Islam while sharing stories about neighborhood kids interacting together.

Most of us have jobs that we need to attend, and most of the time we don't want to be there. We view work as a burden, but what does work really mean? Does the gospel have anything to say about work? Dr. Greg Forster discusses a theology of work in this Seven Minute Seminary.

Matt Lipan claims that good neighbors respect property lines, while holy neighbors look for ways to connect over the fence. Expect to be challenged as you read about the difference between a good and a holy neighbor.

Humanity has always been characterized by a toxic proclivity to exclude. Exclusion in capitalist countries materializes as a war between economic classes. Within families and small communities, exclusion damages or destroys interpersonal relationships. But God’s answer to exclusion is not self-preservation; it is hospitality.

What does the Bible teach about remarriage and divorce? Are there ever exceptions? Dr. Craig Keener leads us in a sensible discussion on a very sensitive and pressing subject. Watch this for information on remarriage and divorce in biblical perspective.

“Whenever a child begins to speak, you may be assured reason begins to work. I know no cause why a parent should not just then begin to speak of the best things, the things of God. And from that time no opportunity should be lost, of instilling all truths as they are capable of receiving.” - John Wesley

For many churches across the United States, the move from being a multigenerational church (comprising several generations) to an intergenerational church (several generations interacting with one another) is a pipe dream. For Holly Allen and Christine Ross, this shift is totally possible.

Love becomes powerful and passionate as we embrace the common struggles, learning to survive and wrestle through them. There is more love in the act of perseverance than avoidance. Being lucky is not the same as being loyal.

In the past five years working in my current setting, one of the attitudes that surprises me most is one that suggests children and teens should make their own choices when it comes to involvement in the local church and even in faith as a whole. As a parent, you should be the primary provider of spiritual care and nurture.

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