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Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

Living Room Liturgy is written to help you worship in the everyday moments of life in your home.

Marriage in the United States is struggling, and there are plenty of statistics out there to prove it. But what would our society look like if marriages were flourishing? Beyond the two spouses who make a commitment, the community would be vastly different. What if marriages really did offer the world a picture of fidelity and grace? But there's a cost to change. So where do we start? Kelly Grace, developer of Seedbed's Marriage Incubator curriculum, offers some insight and inspiration. 

How do you help your children when they are troubled? The parable of the prodigal son gives us solid advice on how to handle these sticky situations.

Does your family have a time of worship together? Winfield Bevins shares 10 Tips for Your Family Worship Time.

What might it mean for Christian physicians serving in obstetrics to faithfully serve their patients while being champions for families and adoption? In this video, Dr. John Holland shares insight into his career and calling to serve the widows and orphans in his care as an obstetrician.

Whether it be around the dinner table, in the living room, or in your backyard, your home can be a place of Easter worship.

What is an awakening? An awakening is moving from slumber to newness of life with God. At Seedbed, it's what we're all about. Read today's post by David Thomas, an expert in travailing prayer, to inspire you to engage in the preparatory work of a great awakening.

I used to think that the most common emotion at a funeral was grief. Then, as years passed, I thought it was guilt. Now I think I have learned that it’s regret.

Your home is a domestic church, which is a term the early church used to describe the connection between the church and the family and our daily rituals.

"Play is an important practice of faith…but one best shared generously, even justly, across generations." Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore My son has recently learned how to make-believe. ...

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