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Family & Relationships

Same-sex marriage has quickly become the presenting moral issue that divides our culture. The US Supreme Court will soon offer a ruling on whether or not states can ban gay marriage. Read up on 7 facts related to gay marriage in today's article by Andrew Dragos.

Domestic Abuse happens more often than you think. Eunice Lee John shares how churches can respond to abuse and make a difference.

Biblical singleness more closely aligns to the concept of “single-­minded focus” or “exclusivity of intent” or the “undivided life.”

Almost every time we hear sports discussed in Christian conversation, we hear about idolatry and other negative connotations. Chris McCreary, however, had a different experience. He shares how March Madness helped him survive seminary!

A Christian theology of the body points to a tremendous, positive view of the material body.

Hungers such as love and acceptance, forgiveness and honesty, support and grace, often go missing when they are most needed.

Remember, practical discipleship at home isn’t about creating MORE things “to do” – it’s about intentionally inviting Jesus into the things you are already doing. It’s about making that space in the everyday for Christ to do His transforming work and for faith to be formed in each heart. Christina Embree gives solid examples of how to do just this.

We have the wonderful opportunity to disciple our children when they are out in the community, "walking along the road." Read more from Christina Embree as she continues with the third installment of her 4-part series on discipling children.

Many involved in small groups end up confessing that they don't really know the people in their group, even after years of meeting together. In this article, Eric George explains how In his present ministry context, putting “personal story” before “Bible study” helped remedy this situation.
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Much has changed in America since 1963 when Martin Luther King’s prophetic rang from the Birmingham jail. At the same time, many things remain the same. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Lisa Yebuah to learn more about race as a gospel issue.

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