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The question of a woman’s role in ministry is a pressing concern for today’s church. It is paramount first, because of our need for...

A recent article titled, “12 Things I learned in My First 12 Months of Marriage” got David Baldwin thinking about what things someone might learn after 12 years of marriage. With his own marriage ending just shy of their 12th anniversary, he reflected and here shares helpful advice for young couples looking to build a strong foundation for their marriage.

Let's face it. Pre-marital counseling will never entirely prepare us for marriage. For Kelly Grace, experience was her teacher. As we continue our Valentine's Week series, Kelly shares 12 things her Pastor didn't cover in pre-marital counseling.

What does the Bible teach about remarriage and divorce? Are there ever exceptions? Dr. Craig Keener leads us in a sensible discussion on a very sensitive and pressing subject. Watch this for information on remarriage and divorce in biblical perspective.

Let you, your yoke-fellow, your children, and your servants, be all on the Lord's side; sweetly drawing together in one yoke, walking in all...

The beginning of the spring season brings with it the season when many pastors and their families are on the move to a new church in a new community. When a pastoral transition is handled well, the excitement will usually far exceed the anxiety. Read 7 ways churches can make transitions a good experience for the whole family.

“Whenever a child begins to speak, you may be assured reason begins to work. I know no cause why a parent should not just then begin to speak of the best things, the things of God. And from that time no opportunity should be lost, of instilling all truths as they are capable of receiving.” - John Wesley

1) Remember both marriage and singleness portray elements of the gospel. Christ’s sacrificial love for the church portrays a person’s love for their spouse. The...
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In 1 Timothy 2:11, Paul writes Timothy, "A woman must learn in quietness and submission." Is this just another expression of ancient, patriarchal culture that sought to suppress women? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary with Dr. Gary Hoag and prepare to be surprised.

Marriage should not be characterized by secrets hidden in the shadow, separation, image maintenance, or the overestimation of one's own capacities at the expense of the underestimation of those of your partner.

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