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Family & Relationships

How do children become Christians? It is no different for children than it is for adults. It’s simple, yet deeply profound.

As you go through the Lord’s Prayer, reflect on what each line means. As you go, begin to pray it from the heart as a family several times a day.

Marriage should not be characterized by secrets hidden in the shadow, separation, image maintenance, or the overestimation of one's own capacities at the expense of the underestimation of those of your partner.

I used to think that the most common emotion at a funeral was grief. Then, as years passed, I thought it was guilt. Now I think I have learned that it’s regret.

Hungers such as love and acceptance, forgiveness and honesty, support and grace, often go missing when they are most needed.

Since most kids ministries handle those from kindergarten through middle school, the challenge of culture related to distinctive generations is a surprisingly pressing one.

There are a thousand ways God could have placed his people in Egypt, but he did it through a broken family that needed deep healing.

Parenting is not intuitive, like eating or sleeping. It takes intentionality and some real sweat. In our household we say that marriage is a...

If we neglect our families for the sake of our ministry, we are, in effect, abandoning our first ministry.

Sending kids back to school is an implicitly missional activity. Read more from Sarah Parham as she helps direct our thoughts to how to do so faithfully.