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What are the twelve days of Christmas and what was commonly practiced during these days? Read this entry in the 7 Quick Facts series from Andrew Dragos for more information on this special time in the Christian Calendar.

Before you critique it, or before you uncritically camp out and join in the craze of purchasing discounted consumer goods, make sure you're up on the history and facts concerning this unrivaled retail holiday. Read more with this Seven Quick Facts about Black Friday.

Do you know much about the American Revolution and its historic fight for independence? Test your knowledge by reading these 7 quick facts about Independence Day from Andrew Dragos.

Why do we celebrate Ascension Day on Sunday instead of Thursday? What does Jesus' ascension to the right hand of the Father accomplish, and what biblical texts address this important doctrine? Read more today from Andrew Dragos in this 7 Quick Facts series.

Same-sex marriage has quickly become the presenting moral issue that divides our culture. The US Supreme Court will soon offer a ruling on whether or not states can ban gay marriage. Read up on 7 facts related to gay marriage in today's article by Andrew Dragos.

Earth Day is held one day a year, on April 22, to promote environmental awareness. But how should Christians respond? In today's article, Andrew Dragos shares 7 quick facts related to earth day and what the Bible has to say about creation care.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in American culture. Regularly drawing in over 100 million viewers, a lot of money and energy is spent on making this event happen. Read 7 quick facts about this cultural phenomenon via Andrew Dragos.

Every year we set aside at least one day to commemorate the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. to the ongoing struggle for racial reconciliation in the US. In today's article, read 7 quick facts about the person and work that have inspired so many to hope and work toward a holy vision of justice across the world.

What are the origins of Christmas? What are the facts about the nativity story? Where did the Christmas tree come from? How did the tradition of Santa Claus come about? In today's article, Andrew Dragos shares 7 quick facts about Christmas to help us get the story straight.

What are the origins of our Thanksgiving holiday? Today, Andrew Dragos cuts through the common myths and shares 7 quick facts about Thanksgiving related to everything from food, to religious connotations, and the beloved American pastime, football.

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