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Preaching during special occasions and services can be very different than preaching on a Sunday morning. Adam Kline shares about preaching at funerals.

Obviously, giving a speech and preaching are two different things. But, it can be hard to decide which one is appropriate for a given situation. Leanne Hadley shares some truths about how we should speak at an event to make an impact without getting too "preachy."

Sometimes it is hard to establish a rhythm for preaching in the midst of starting a church plant. Adam Knight shares a helpful system for organizing your preaching schedule.

So, you're looking at appointment season with hope in your heart. You are ready to move on to something bigger and better? Robert Kaylor helps us take a moment to stop and evaluate why we are ready to leave the church we are in and whether our motives are truly healthy for us.

Do you hesitate to preach bold sermons, both in content and in tone? Watch this video from Christine Burkett for 3 tips on how to bring your messages to life.

We believe that a revival is poised to break out in churches and communities across the world. The Preaching Collective is designed to give those who bring God’s Word, be they men or women, clergy or laity, serving in small rural churches or suburban megachurches, the tools, ideas, and resources to “shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.”

What is expository preaching, and does it only count when a preacher goes through a biblical passage verse by verse? In today's article, Aaron Perry reveals how the mixture of sermons in the Book of Acts demonstrate a practical way of reaching a broad audience with the contextualized message of the gospel.

Each Advent season, God invites us anew to reflect on the beauty of the incarnation—the mysterious act of the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us. Jonathan Andersen offers 14 Christmas sermon illustrations to help us contemplate Christmas, complete a sermon, or come close to the feet of Jesus in worship.

In this article, Talbot Davis walks us through the 5 things he does every week before preaching where he serves at Good Shepherd. See which ones you resonate with, can learn from, or do things differently.

Poetry and pulpits need a reunion, or so says David Hatton. Why? Because the Bible is full of good poetry, and the Incarnation is, in a sense, the great Poem of God. But knowing some of the critical elements for writing “good poetry” may help in selecting poetry to share from the pulpit. Here are 3 elements of good poetry to help you make selections for sermons.