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We all know the historical background of a sermon text can be vitally important. Bob Kaylor explains how you can present the historical background of a sermon text without losing your audience.

Are you looking for engaging, meaningful topics for your next sermon series? Andrew Dragos shares some topics you may not have considered before.

Have you ever heard a sermon that jumps around all over the place and never really gets to the point? Adam Kline shares wisdom on how to not end up being "that pastor."

We are now in the "Dog Days" of summer. Bob Kaylor shares that these slow, hot days may be God's design for a seasonal Sabbath.

Does your congregation have a need to learn what we believe? Chris Howlett shows us how we can include catechesis in preaching.

Are you struggling to understand how to preach in a way that reaches young adults in the congregation? Jeremy Smith offers helpful tips on how to preach to Millennials.

Many preachers have strong feelings about the possibility of preaching one of their previous sermons again. Adam Kline explains why this is not only acceptable, but sometimes necessary.

It is good to do a very academic study of Scriptural text before preaching it. But, do you also take time for the devotional as well? Leanne Hadley discusses the use of Lectio Divina in sermon preparation.

Bob Kaylor discusses a third option for preaching that combines the steadiness of the Lectionary with the depth of a sermon series.

Chris Howlett shares timely preaching topics for summertime.