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Bob Kaylor discusses a third option for preaching that combines the steadiness of the Lectionary with the depth of a sermon series.

Are you struggling to understand how to preach in a way that reaches young adults in the congregation? Jeremy Smith offers helpful tips on how to preach to Millennials.

What is expository preaching, and does it only count when a preacher goes through a biblical passage verse by verse? In today's article, Aaron Perry reveals how the mixture of sermons in the Book of Acts demonstrate a practical way of reaching a broad audience with the contextualized message of the gospel.

Leading the church into an ever deeper understanding of the Bible-as-a-whole is no small task, and all who devote their lives to the ministry...

From the beginning, the Wesleyan Revival was a 
movement largely for and among the poor, those whom “gentlemen”
and “ladies” looked on simply as part of the machinery of the new 
industrial system.

Many preachers have strong feelings about the possibility of preaching one of their previous sermons again. Adam Kline explains why this is not only acceptable, but sometimes necessary.

In this article, Talbot Davis walks us through the 5 things he does every week before preaching where he serves at Good Shepherd. See which ones you resonate with, can learn from, or do things differently.

John Wesley was born in 1703 at Epworth, England, to parents Samuel and Susanna Wesley. His father was rector in the Church of England...

Chris Howlett shares timely preaching topics for summertime. Kenneth Collins shares how he hopes this new collection of John Wesley sermons will help pass on the genius of Wesleyanism to a new generation. Purchase...