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There are times in prayer when the need doesn’t let up, when the burden will simply not let go.

In light of COVID-19, we must gently and firmly allow the reality and gravity of our circumstances to register in the deep places of our souls.

If you're stuck in your prayer life, or are a new Christian and don't know where to begin, Craig Springer offers three mistakes to avoid and ways to move forward.

Your home is a domestic church, which is a term the early church used to describe the connection between the church and the family and our daily rituals.

In our ever-changing world, some time-tested and family-proven prayers can be just what we need to launch a life of deeper prayer in our families.

In seasons of hardship, the eternal God is our hope and the source of renewal for an abundant future.

We need to engage in more than half-hearted attempts at reading our Bible and praying. And it needs to start with addressing all of the distractions we face on a daily basis.

It is boldness that plants revival cultures throughout the new nation and brings wave after wave of revival.

Jesus loves sinners and he is willing to walk right into the heart of sin, even if it looks bad; even if he gets accused of going soft on crime, because he loves sinners that much.
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Why do we pray? Is it for us, or for God? The truth is, there’s a both/and character to our prayers—it is both petition and formation.