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Grace is incomprehensibly comforting yet incomparably devastating. Grace kills the human made economy of performance and merit.

The breadth of our ability to imagine what God can do depends on the depth of our capacity to remember what God has done.

God's chief desire is willful obedience inspired by holy love yet his will cannot be thwarted even by total insurrection and the most heinous rebellion.

Our great need is not for a doctrine of eternal security but the graciously granted gift of divine assurance which comes from the Holy Spirit.

Hearing from the Holy Spirit is not reserved for a special class of Christians. It really should be an every day experience for every follower of Jesus.

Theologically trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled—this is the sacred ambition of the Word of God.

Apostolic activity is in the job description of every baptized believer in Jesus Christ.

Only the Holy Spirit can take the tragedy of persecution and turn it into the triumph of the gospel's proclamation.

Today's Christians and churches don't need more innovation or better programs or bigger buildings or newer worship songs as much as we need a constantly deepening confidence in the power of the gospel.

A martyr in death serves as powerful encouragement to the living to be a martyr in life.