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The words of Jesus carry peace. They do not create confusion and anxiety.

When we are well shepherded we need not worry about anything because the shepherd provides everything.

I'm starting to finally understand the obvious: The only sign that I believe the gospel is true is that I share it with others.

What we are sure we see clearly may be keeping us from seeing what is most clearly there.

We can debate the meaning of this text or that one and parse our theology ninety-nine ways to one, and all of that can be a good thing until we lose sight of the main thing.

When you don’t understand a situation ask this question: If things dramatically changed, who stands to lose the most?

In God’s kingdom, net worth means nothing, but the worth we get from him means everything.

 Every broken place in every broken life holds the possibility for the glorious works of God to be put on display.

On the day when the Son of God is emptied of his life, grace and truth are poured out in their fullest measure.

Real Christianity means awakening to the mysterious reality of being raised from the dead before one actually dies.