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The Church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, is designed to be a decentralized lay movement.

Though Jesus told us the world would hate us as it hated him, expect for most of the criticism to come from the insiders.

Not only does the Holy Spirit illuminate the gospel to us, he carries it out to its fullest meaning.

We preachers today have found a way to be a lot more reductionistic with the gospel while at the same time being a lot more long-winded.

The Holy Spirit pushed hard on the gospel's boundaries when he issued an invitation to a Jewish follower of Jesus to come into a Gentile's home and preach the gospel.

People who aren't living life in the big framework of the gospel will struggle to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Biblical precedent can only be overturned by further biblical revelation.

In the Kingdom of God, as in the Body of Christ, no one gets the whole picture.

The early church was faithful to the brand of Jesus, both in form and in power. They were not marketing Jesus, rather, they were living the brand.

The Holy Spirit desires to work through us so that through our sheer presence he may deliver others from evil.