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This is far from a nice little bow to tie up his letter. This is the big finale.

Never confuse your role as a witness with the role of the Holy Spirit.

Defending the faith has nothing to do with our position with the other person, but everyting to do with our position in Christ.

Either we don’t know our false self and the division it’s creating, or the enemy wants to keep it that way.

The warning for us is not so much who weekly preaches in your pulpit, but who daily speaks into your soul.

We could also be the ones decieved in to going on other dark missions and sneering at what we don’t understand

Jesus is not only the protagonist of the New Testament, he’s the author of the Old Testament. That’s a big deal.

Because of grace God will love us no matter what, so we can do whatever, right? Nope, Jude is not having it.

You know how you follow Jesus, but do you know why?

We may have a relationship with Christ, but there may be a part of our life where we may not be ready to believe Jesus and let him be Lord.

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