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Church planting comes in all forms. Listen in as Winfield Bevins discusses his own story in church planting, including losing two core members after six months, establishing a national church planting network, and writing, Plant: A Sower's Guide to Church Planting.

Then and now, Jesus comes to expose our agendas and to supplant them with a vision to which it never would have occurred to us to aspire.

Being a clergy person is far more about being a real player among players than a professional among patrons or participants.

Join Jeremy Steele and Brian Russell as they discuss the Psalms as both an emotional release and spiritual healing for the reader.

Thus far, the church has enjoyed the favored status of serving as the "host" of this country. The church is fast becoming the guest in America.

Our primary conversation surrounds Christendom and the theology of infant baptism. We started our conversation with this article written by Jason Micheli called "Infant Baptisms Malignant Assumption."

Our affections—for God, family, and neighbors—are not properly ordered by a hierarchical set but by a centered set. A hierarchical set actually divides our affections. A centered set orients our affections.

Preaching Collective's podcast talks about being content with who we are and who God made us to be.

The bonds of the gospel of Jesus Christ are stronger and infinitely more lasting than family ties—as important as family ties are. Jesus comes to bring the families of the earth into the family of God.

While your context may or may not be Canada, Rev Mark Parker shares insight on developing a sense of affinity for a people. Listen in to hear who is planting churches, where they are planting them, and where Canada needs church plants.