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The Threshing Floor hits episode 40. In this episode our hosts talk about fashion and ministry, consipiracy theory and why Drew always stops conversation. We have an extended conversation about the role of education, both formal and informal, in ministry. We finish the episode dreaming of what movie we wish Hollywood would remake.

In episode 39 of the Threshing Floor Podcast, our hosts seem ready to launch into summer. They discuss Aldersgate, the place of salvation in Wesleyan Theology, and the recent blockbuster film, Mad Max.

How do you define discipleship? Join Chad, Drew, and Josh as they do episode 38 of the Threshing Floor Podcast. They also talk movies, international Hummus day, and where to get great catfish and share what books they have been reading.

The Threshing Floor hosts are back as they offer episode 37 of the podcast! Listen in and enjoy the usual banter between friends, including more serious discussions about the meaning of the gospel, and whether or not the term has been hi-jacked in contemporary discussions.

We continue our Missional month with a great interview with Dr. Brian Russell of Asbury Seminary. Brian shares how and why he teaches from a missional perspective in his classes and what being missional means for every local church. He shares a tremendous amount of wisdom with us this episode. This and much more!

It's Missional Month at The Threshing Floor. This month our hosts are having a conversation with other leaders about what missional means in different contexts. In this episode we have a conversation with Adam Weber, the founding and lead pastor of Embrace in South Falls, SD.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor Joshua interviews the Rev. Carolyn Moore, founding pastor of Mosiac United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia. Carolyn shares her story of call, the role her family plays in her ministry, how there needs to be a different conversation about gender roles in leadership.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor Podcast, Chad and Joshua do their annual Lent episode and discuss what observing Lent might look like for an individual vs. a community. They also get off track with the usual lighthearted banter in between topics.

In today's episode of the Threshing Floor, the hosts discuss several important issues, including the "chief end of man" according to the Westminster Confession, their least favorite books of the Bible, and Muslim call to prayer.

It's been a special year for The Threshing Floor Podcast. In this episode, Chad and Joshua do a year in review. Included is everything from country music, to major events in the global church, and how the means of grace function in community.

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