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The gospel is not first a truth to be accepted. The gospel is an invitation to a meet the one true and living God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Nicodemus blindly trusted in his heritage—his first birth. All the while Jesus offered him an inheritance—the second birth.

So many of us Christians need to break free from the prison that is our good reputation.

Many claim to believe in God and yet so few seem to actually trust God.

What was formerly filled with God's presence often becomes filled with our buzzing, enterprising activity.

God’s abundance is not a magnification of whatever we tend to think of as a lot. His is an abundance of another magnitude—of another order.

So often we ask God to reveal himself to us in fresh and new ways, and yet so often we fail to approach Scripture with this same kind of asking.

The Bible is first, middle, and last about revealing the name and nature of God to the world.

Never despise the days of small beginnings. Small beginnings are, in fact, the true nature of how the kingdom of God spreads and grows.

To behold Jesus means moving in the ever-deepening kind of humility that requires me to confess that though I love him, I scarcely know him.