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All it takes to be in the world is to act as if Christ did not come, or did not make a difference to me.

God loves cities. Though the world began in a garden, it will end with the coming of a city.

What we are sure we see clearly may be keeping us from seeing what is most clearly there.

It is Jesus, not faith, that works miracles. We must move our faith away from having faith and put it back in Jesus himself.

We were all crafted to express the impractical extravagance of holy love.

We’re not living in Caesar’s story, Caesar is living in Jesus’ story.

Biblical faith is far more about an accurate understanding of who Jesus is than in what he can do for you.

Most of us have had a significant encounter with Christ, only to still be standing in the middle of some recurring sin, habit, or struggle.

Every day we have opportunities to do small things with great love.

Christ is risen!

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