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People typically get the attribution wrong when it comes to the supernatural and the miraculous, focusing more on the vessel than on God the giver.

Once we see the treasure of Jesus, our trophies so pale in comparison we regard them as trash.

Though you are tired, weak, and utterly incapable of facing the looming crosses ahead, you are a champion by the grace of God and the Cross of Jesus.

Something happens when a single person becomes profoundly present to another person in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Human limitations are transcended by Divine Presence.

God knows what we need, and he knows we regularly need retreat and refreshment. We tend to think of this as optional and even indulgent, but it is a requirement for a well-formed soul.

When Jesus becomes central in our life, the story of the world recedes into the background.

At the Cross everything turns around. The pattern of sin and death is swallowed up by the new creation pattern of resurrection and ascension.

God's Spirit tabernacles in the midst of God's people; not apart from the world but right in the midst of the world.

We’d be silly to think that only recently has culture gone downhill. Broken sexuality and violence have always been the twin cities were fallen humanity has made its home.

There's usually an inverse relationship between the volume of the crowd and the power or truth of whatever it is they are getting loud about.

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