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"On Earth as it is in Heaven," must mean only one thing: the love enjoyed between the trinity manifesting itself through the interrelationships of human persons.

God is holy, yet we live in an age with such a thin and sentimental vision of God.

Jesus is far more concerned with us following him than with us following the rules.

When self-confidence fails it gives rise to humility, and when God-confidence rises, boldness is born.

With Jesus, life will not get easier and easier. In fact, it will probably get harder, but it will get better and better.

In this country, and in many others around the world, we live in a time where we face an impassable Red Sea on one side and Pharaoh's army on the other.

He wants our hearts, friends, our soft, pliable, clay-like hearts in his hands, where he can mold them, by the power of the Word and the Spirit, into vessels of his liking, for his purposes, for our good and his glory.

Faith means raising our level of expectation of the possibilities that hover just above and beneath the surface of everything, every person, everywhere, all the time.

Jesus is not God's solutions to all of our problems. Jesus is God's gift of himself to us.

Paul wanted those who persecuted him to know Jesus as he knew him—as all in all, as his sufficiency and strength, as his one exclusive hope.