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Jesus is not looking for those who pledge to become loyalists but for those who will not stop until their entire existence is defined by the capital L Love of God. That's what it takes to be a disciple maker.

Jesus wants us to look into the face of what looks like oppressive scarcity and by faith say, “That is enough.”

Though he won't be named, you will find Jesus in every book of the Old Testament.

Love is the power. We will finally see "greater things" when we learn the ways of "greater love."

When we do what we do "unto the Lord" without regard for either impressing people or embarrassing ourselves, people pay attention.

There is a way of faith with which one can enjoy the world and a way of living in the world in which God can be enjoyed.

People who say such things show us how our desperation, when brought to God, can lead to the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

The mark of a spiritual person, in the tradition of Jesus, is not in some kind of super spirituality but in the holiness of their humanity.

The temptation we all face in any level of Bible study is the Living Word of God becoming merely informational instead of transformational.

Jesus affirmed with his arms open wide the words that his Abba Father wanted the whole world to hear: "You are my beloved ones."

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