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Jesus will pass through Jerusalem's gates lifted on the accolades of great acclaim; only to be led back through them slammed under the shame of withering scorn.

Imagine how it would bless the heart of God to see gatherings of worship where his people were irresistibly drawn into blessing one another in all kinds of ways.

Paul was going to preach the gospel to this church he started whether they respected him as an apostle or not, whether they received his counsel and heeded his warnings or not.

When we look back over our lives we need to see a trail of altars which serve as the pillars of our autobiography and way-finders for those coming in our wake.

We are often seduced into becoming practical polytheists—placing God on the shelf alongside every other idol giving shape and meaning to our lives.

The psalm puts us in touch with “the joy set before us,” as we travel the desert path home.

Every single day, at the forefront of our minds, we should have a psalm that we sing.

Christmas belongs to Jesus, and all Jesus wants for Christmas is for us, you and me, to belong to him. 

Joseph is the most underrated and under-celebrated member of the cast of the story of Jesus. He did the hard thing. 

The Spirit works to calm our very being, emptying us of anxiety and filling us with joy.

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