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Then and now, Jesus comes to expose our agendas and to supplant them with a vision to which it never would have occurred to us to aspire.

Being a clergy person is far more about being a real player among players than a professional among patrons or participants.

Thus far, the church has enjoyed the favored status of serving as the "host" of this country. The church is fast becoming the guest in America.

Our affections—for God, family, and neighbors—are not properly ordered by a hierarchical set but by a centered set. A hierarchical set actually divides our affections. A centered set orients our affections.

The bonds of the gospel of Jesus Christ are stronger and infinitely more lasting than family ties—as important as family ties are. Jesus comes to bring the families of the earth into the family of God.

Live as a Christian for any amount of time and you’ll soon discover that the Bible conflicts with your understanding of who God is and what God is like. Following Jesus means learning to wrestle with, live with, and trust the text.

We cannot let the world's anxiety dictate our response to crises. We do not fight crises by contributing to the fear, but by churning up the faith.

Discipleship is not about becoming a cunning Christian chess master in our dealings with the world. Life as a disciple of Jesus Christ is about the ongoing journey of learning to depend entirely on the Holy Spirit in all things at all times.

The only way you will be completely focused on mission is to be completely dependent on Jesus, which often means not bringing your own provisions.

What if before the gospel can have clarity it must have simplicity, and what if the the most profound simplicity comes in the proclamation of these seven words: The kingdom of heaven has come near.