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Sometimes we must let the hard truth do its hard work in us. That's the path to maturity.

May it be said of us years hence, “They heard the call. They put their hand to the plow. And they never looked back.”

Biblical precedent can only be overturned by further biblical revelation.

Only as we stand-under Scripture's authority can we ever hope to under-stand its meaning.

Life is not about escaping our problems but embracing the gospel in the midst of them.

We live in the age of the Spirit, where nothing is impossible with God.

Let us retreat into the wilderness and wait for the surprise of God. Who knows how he will appear or what he will say

Faith is not blind. It's a much deeper, richer, and ultimately clearer way of seeing.

In a world of ceaseless taking, Jesus brings a kingdom of endless giving.

When we do what we do "unto the Lord" without regard for either impressing people or embarrassing ourselves, people pay attention.

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