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Altars powerfully mark the movements of God while extending them forward for all who will kneel.

The core creed of the gospel is not "Jesus saves." The core creed of the gospel is this: "Jesus is Lord!"

For better or for worse, a few people can have a massive impact on an entire community, even though we rarely believe it could be true of ourselves.

Sometimes deference and honoring others means refusing to live in a scarcity mentality. It means giving the best to others and trusting that God will be true to his promises to you.

The breadth of our ability to imagine what God can do depends on the depth of our capacity to remember what God has done.

Nothing could bring us closer to Jesus than to understand the glory of his love.

The issue is not the size of one's faith, but the strength of their God.

"On Earth as it is in Heaven," must mean only one thing: the love enjoyed between the trinity manifesting itself through the interrelationships of human persons.

People characterized by the power of love forsake their need to control and they wind up with a source of authority unlike anything the world could offer.

When the Word of God meets the Spirit of God in the midst of the people of God we have the essential ingredients of awakening.