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We’re not living in Caesar’s story, Caesar is living in Jesus’ story.

The kind of person who blasphemes the Holy Spirit is not the kind of person who is worried about it.

God is warning us not to take on the character of the governing authorities as our worldview or let them dictate our actions. Don’t represent them.

If we’re spending more energy evangelizing what our candidate promises than what Jesus has done, we’ve lost our witness.

Religion and politics is right where Paul charges into without hesitation, and so will we.

Governemnt and it’s officers is necessary. But...

The New Testament calls us to live like the “not yet” is “right now.”

It may have been a different time, but it’s still the same story today: we’re all going to be a slave to something.

The times are changing.

Sometimes the black and white print is really black and white teaching.

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