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Gospel, or "good news" scenarios always evoke  the spontaneous response, "What shall we do?"

Are you more interested in how the Bible is relevant to your life or how your life is relevant to the Story of the Bible?

Word and Spirit are the fundamental fundamentals that together keep us out of the ditches of religious fundamentalism.

These earliest Christ followers kept time not with a clock but with a calendar and common calendar came from their common text.

Because of the power of the Holy Spirit, and the truth of the Word of God, we, the Body of Christ, stand in the present day place of that twelfth apostle.

It's not the prayer of pious duty but the prayers of desperation that lead to the earth-shaking advance of the Kingdom.

In the Lord's scheme of time and eternity, it has only been a couple of days since he ascended.

Let's ask ourselves how our lives can become relevant to the story the Bible reveals.

We don't give love because we have it. We have love because we give it.

The Holy Spirit fills us  with the power of the love of God to bless all of creation and in doing so, we will experience blessing.