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The love of Christ constrains and compels Paul to not just talk about love to others but to demonstrate it.

Does our knowledge lead us to a deeper knowing of others or does it lead us to pride in ourselves?

Both marriage and celibacy are exceedingly challenging callings and both are filled with good gifts.

What the church most needs are thousands upon millions of players, not coaches, imaginatively playing at most every conceivable vocation in the world.

Biblical scholars—women and men who have given their lives to the study of this book—have given us inestimable gifts of insight and understanding through their faithful interpretation.

The biblical vision must shape the human condition and not the other way around.

Because the resurrection of the body is a core doctrine of the Christian faith, we take a very high view of the human body.

Salvation and entry into eternal life is what happens now, when we personally own that our fundamental problem is eternal separation from God.

Paul's chief aim in Corinth is to participate with the Holy Spirit's work to make Jesus known in the world through his distinctive presence in their community.

At the end of the day this comes down to the issue of sovereignty. Who is sovereign in our lives? Is it me and my plans or is it the will and the willingness of God?