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In God’s kingdom, net worth means nothing, but the worth we get from him means everything.

 Every broken place in every broken life holds the possibility for the glorious works of God to be put on display.

On the day when the Son of God is emptied of his life, grace and truth are poured out in their fullest measure.

Real Christianity means awakening to the mysterious reality of being raised from the dead before one actually dies.

Nothing is more dangerous than a runaway religion. The quest for God, gone wrong, unwittingly and unknowingly becomes the quest for Satan.

We can be faithful to the forms of faith we have always known all the while remaining enslaved to sin.

Doing good is the fruit, but if it would represent the work of Jesus it must come from knowing him, which is the root.

Being like Jesus doesn’t begin with behavior but beholding. It cannot be sustained by mere imitation, it requires impartation.

Behold the stunning sweep of the gospel: Darkness and death give way to light and life. This is what God does, because it is who God is.

Jesus sets us free from the penalty of sin, and even better, he sets us free from the power of sin.