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The early church interpreted their lives, as a community and as individuals, through the story revealed in Scripture.

You're sensing it's time to move, but what is your next step? Transitions are hard on pastors, churches, and the incoming pastor. But there is a next step. There is a way forward. Join Dr. Bob Kaylor as he describes a process for transitions.

This week, we sat down with Phil Jamieson to talk about forgiveness.

We preachers must remember the power is in the gospel, not in all of our well-intended long winded preaching.

Listen as Jeremy Steele sat down with Danielle Strickland during the New Room Conference to talk about fighting human trafficking and sexual slavery.

A choice of evils always leads to a spirit of weak resignation. The choice of greater faith always inspires a heart of strong surrender. 

There is only one thing stronger than the depravity of the human race: the love of God in Jesus Christ. He is able to transform human depravity into Divine Love.

As far as faith is concerned, a promise from God is money in the bank. It is as good as fulfilled.

There is no knowing the power of his resurrection without sharing in the fellowship of his suffering, and becoming like him in his death.

We should pay close attention to anything Scripture says is impossible.

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