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The gospel is more than an explanation about Jesus. It is a demonstration of Jesus.

Jesus has already done everything that needs to be done. There are no missing ingredients. All that remains is for us, as his followers, to hasten the restoration of all things by prayer and obedience.

God’s abundance is not a magnification of whatever we tend to think of as a lot. his is an abundance of another magnitude— of another order.

With Jesus there is no more trying to measure up. The gospel only measures down.

the single most important truth in all of history—the only truth with the power to save us: God is Jesus.

Thus far, the church has enjoyed the favored status of serving as the "host" of this country. The church is fast becoming the guest in America.

Today's episode of The Threshing Floor takes you back to the golden era of door-to-door evangelism and talks about handing out gospel tracts. We also talk about Joshua's odd eating habits and jump into some listener feedback.

Let all of your Word have all of its way with me.

Jesus could come today, or tomorrow, or in another thousand years, but he's coming. This is a special kind of urgency.

So many of us Christians need to break free from the prison that is our good reputation.