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In a world of ceaseless taking, Jesus brings a kingdom of endless giving.

People characterized by the power of love forsake their need to control and they wind up with a source of authority unlike anything the world could offer.

The Word made Flesh declares the kingdom has come and it is in his very person. He is the king and the kingdom.

Whereas we might prepare ourselves for battle by getting into tip top physical shape or by learning how to wield weapons, Jesus does just the opposite.

Sovereignty can no longer be understood as the demonstration of raw power. True sovereignty looks like revolutionary love.

The Word of God gives us our bearings in the wilderness of this world.

We don't typically wander away from God with a willful decision. We wander away from God when we willingly lose ourselves in the shifting shadows and seductive shades of sin

Elders are men and women whose lives exude the holiness of Jesus because all of their confidence is in Jesus and not in themselves.

Through the course of history, the followers of Jesus have spent far more time combating evil than trying to explain it.

Far from a passive approach, waiting on the Lord holds the source of our greatest possibilities.

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