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Strengthen the skills given to you by God, as an ongoing act of worship. Yield your talents and their development to the Holy Spirit along your journey.

Could you imagine yourself listening more frequently, more attentively, in your heart, for something the Holy Spirit may want to give you for someone else?

A power encounter with the God of heaven can open the doors to transformation.

Where the praise of God is igniting like a spark from a pure heart, the Spirit is in the background, adding fuel and fanning it into flame.

We are filled with the Spirit of Jesus that we might have our heavenly classroom and our Teacher within—always available to us for a lesson or three!

The Holy Spirit is not going anywhere—but we do. We can turn our hearts toward God at any moment, parting the clouds of our awareness with a song of worship or a written prayer that stirs our soul.

Each of us has a number of internal altars where, upon remembering a personal, transformative moment, we have the opportunity to kneel to give thanks again and again.

Humility is the character trait that opens David’s heart to the Spirit, and the Spirit’s heart to David. Humility will open up our relationship with the Spirit as well.

Obedience means that God asks something of us, and we have to make a quiet choice to say yes.

Across awakening history, dreams have been one way God gets his people’s attention to pray at times and in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise.

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