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The only way to resist the temptation is to invite the searching light of the Holy Spirit to survey the valley of our own souls.

The mysterious miracle of awakening happens not so much on the mountain tops, but in the low places of loss, the rough places of brokenness, and in the dark places of desperate need.

Awakening begins in the land of impossible. It winds along the way of the cross. It ends in the country of eternal possibility—nothing short of resurrection life.

Kairos times and seasons are priceless eras when God opens a new door into a new day where he purposes to do new things.

May it be said of us years hence, “They heard the call. They put their hand to the plow. And they never looked back.”

if Jesus is pursuing every person, we can only know what He’s up to by entering into another person’s story through holy love.

This week, we sat down with Phil Jamieson from the United Methodist Foundation about planned giving and working with a foundation.

As we come to the close of the Christmas season, God’s people must be able to tell why the story of Jesus’ birth is good news. And we must tell it well, beyond the season.

Satan lied because he’s been after Jesus since the beginning, and humanity is the enemy’s collateral damage.

Jesus is political, but not in the ways we think, practice, or post on Twitter.