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Comic books are often viewed as a silly, childish hobby. Brian Jones explains why you might want to actually give them a second look.

Talking to a secular about life, then about limitations, then about various spiritualities, all the while letting them be the ones to shift the conversation, is a very rewarding part of the dinner church experience.

How should Christians understand the will of God as it relates to suffering and evil, or pandemics such as COVID-19?

In this week's Saturday Post, J.D. Walt takes a page from the airport security world and asks if it might work in our homes or businesses in a slightly different fashion. 

"As Christians in the nation’s capital, I believe we must fight the urge to self-insulate, to hide in pockets around the city. It’s so easy to self-select into a political party, social scene, and even a church." Meg Biallas writes a thoughtful piece on how Christians can be present in America's capital.

  Relevant Magazine asks some good questions in "James Bond, Sex and Masculinity." writes Helping Students Discover Their Potential in Your Youth Ministry. Justin Welby to...

The world is a mess. Where are the reformers? Americans are frustrated with what is variously called “gridlock” or “dysfunction” in Washington. We face boat-loads...

Becoming faithful stewards of power is God’s design for human flourishing, or so claims Andy Crouch in his latest book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power. In today's article, read Guy William's summary and review of this important work which thoughtfully engages a critical issue for the church today.

Ben Witherington offers his insight on how to evaluate "Son of God." Do we evaluate it against the original stories in the four canonical Gospels? Do we evaluate it against other films about Jesus? Do we assess it on its own merits, but that is difficult to do since it is based on such a crucial and iconic story? Or shall we just assess it on whether it’s a good film or not?

Do you have a man cave in your home? Christopher Peters shares why you might want to do some remodeling!