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In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Stephen Backhouse demonstrates how Søren Kierkegaard can be appropriated to challenge our core assumptions about identity and allegiance.

In popular theology, we come across all sorts of doctrinal myths and errors. Andrew Dragos shares five surprising myths that may be hurting the Body of Christ.

From the Mosaic covenant to the promises of the gospel, the Bible is continually pointing to the poor, the widow, the orphan, the stranger, the needy, and the oppressed. Read more as Howard Snyder compels us to consider the poor.

How can families use technology responsibly? Ben Snyder reviews the book, The Tech-wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in its Proper Place, by Andy Crouch.

Is doctrine divisive? Justus Hunter explains what doctrine actually is and how to find unity.

Watch as Pete Greig prays for awakening in the church and in the nation in today's video clip from New Room Conference 2016.

So often, we avoid testing our faith for the fear of seeming like we doubt God. Aaron Perry shares how this is a healthy stage of faith development and how to help someone through it.

Is pornography really a victimless sin? David Hull shares the truth about pornography's effects and our call, as Christians, to reject it.

Joseph Wood shares how he saw his city Manchester "strangely warmed" after the tragic events that happened there earlier this week.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Efrem Smith challenges the church to view the poor and incarcerated as groups who can dynamically be disciples and make disciples as part of the church body.