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Cinco de Mayo, "the fifth of May," is pronounced siŋ-kō-də-ˈmī-ō—it's not like the spread you put on your sandwich. It commemorates an unlikely victory for a Mexican army over the powerful invading French army in 1862, though Mexico ultimately lost the war.

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, recently created a stir when he publiclly identified presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and other practicing Mormons, as ‘brothers in Christ.’ This comes as a shock to some, because Mormon teaching, falls well outside the orthodox Christian faith. While we should strive to extend grace in all theological dialog, there comes a time when one must make truth claims concerning those things which are, and those which are not, essential to the Christian faith. What then are the essential, and distinctly Christian, beliefs about Jesus Christ? In this article we offer some suggestions.

I was approached by a regular in our community the other day with what seemed to be a common question: “Why are Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham of the Creation Museum having a debate about creation versus evolution?”

Last week, Franklin Graham called for a stop to all immigration of Muslims because, “Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized.” Read this article from Omar Rikabi, a Christian with Muslim family members as he responds to this concerning perspective.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, founder of Q Gabe Lyons offers four questions for us to consider as we move into the space of culture-creating.

We caught up with Remedy Drive at Ichthus Festival 2012 and talked about life on a tour bus, the music industry in our digital age, and what it's like to engage fans on social media.

Have you ever been told that you are on the wrong side of history? Josh McNall explains that just because history goes to the victors doesn't mean the victors are right.

Freshen up on the nature and origins of the Advent season with this installment of the Seven Quick Facts series from Andrew Dragos.

“He restores my soul.”  These familiar words from Psalm 23 beautifully describe the hope awaiting a group of girls I met on my recent...

How is evangelicalism in the UK different from that in the US? Joseph Wood explains the differences.