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What are the origins of Halloween? As with other holidays, Halloween seems to have a mixture of both pagan and Christian origins. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary from Ben Witherington III suggesting ways we can engage with culture at this critical holiday.

A new ABC show satirizes rich, Christian women. GCB debuted last night full of scripture-spouting, church-going, over-the-top characters. But is the show helpful to start an important conversation or irrevocably harmful to the image of Christianity?

Is doctrine divisive? Justus Hunter explains what doctrine actually is and how to find unity.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Efrem Smith challenges the church to view the poor and incarcerated as groups who can dynamically be disciples and make disciples as part of the church body.

Before you critique it, or before you uncritically camp out and join in the craze of purchasing discounted consumer goods, make sure you're up on the history and facts concerning this unrivaled retail holiday. Read more with this Seven Quick Facts about Black Friday.

There is still a glass ceiling for women, especially in God's own work. Joycelyn Lewis shares her struggle to accept the call God placed on her life.

See some posts from this past week around the internet about Christians using cuss words in lyrics, credible lists of compassion campaigns from Lausanne Conference, an infographic of things that will go extinct soon, and more.

Here's a refreshing take on the biblical meaning of "pain in childbearing." See also an article about understanding worldviews inherent in literary works in...

Jesus remains a popular figure in North America, but the same could not be said of the church's reputation. Read more from Travis Collins as he shares both the problem and hope of the church's future.

In popular theology, we come across all sorts of doctrinal myths and errors. Andrew Dragos shares five surprising myths that may be hurting the Body of Christ.