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The key to understanding Jesus is recognizing his unique relationship with his Father.
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What is the Trinity, and why does it matter? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Matt O’Reilly explains that within the one God there is both unity and diversity. The Father is not the Son nor the Spirit, the Son is not the Father nor the Spirit, and the Spirit is not the Father nor the Son. He also shares 2 ways that the doctrine of the Trinity makes a difference in our daily living.

But filled with the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of...

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Joshua McNall presents four models for what's called atonement, or being made at-one with God.

Jesus’ death and resurrection achieves God’s ultimate victory over sin, brokenness, and injustice and opens an abundant future for all who trust in him. It also provides a grand reversal—the church, now as Israel, is supposed to "Go" out to all the nations. Read more from Brian Russell.

What was the first Christmas really like? When did the Magi visit Jesus, and how about the shepherds? In this video, Dr. Craig Keener shares historical background that illumines the Christmas story found in the Gospels. He reveals how the Gospels choose to contrast the powerful with the weak and the illuminating parallels between Jesus and Caesar Augustus.

Why did God become a man in Jesus Christ? This post is a chapter from Dr. Timothy Tennent’s book, 30 Questions: A Short Catechism on...

We talk about the triune God, but what does that mean? Michael Reeves shares some thoughts from his book.

Anyone interested in gaining a more vivid, authentic picture of Jesus and his environment—only within which his words and deeds are properly understood—should read the work of Amy-Jill Levine. In today's post, Nathan Brasfield review her most recent work, Short Stories by Jesus.

There are some hints within Scripture that tell us something about why Christ’s execution is different from the others throughout human history.