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When they came to the place called Golgotha, they crucified Jesus, along with two revolutionaries: one on his right, the other on his left.

Jesus knew that the time had finally comeā€”the hour when the Son of Man would be glorified.

The Pharisees tried to seize Jesus, as it seemed he was claiming to be divine and daring to speak of his own authority concerning the Law.

As seasoned fishermen, Jesus' disciples knew enough to be afraid. But where was Jesus?

A proper theology of the body embraces the sacredness and sanctity of all our embodied existence and sees the eternal significance in each day.

The body celebrates that our physical bodies serve a redemptive purpose. They are the means through which God conveys his grace.

Before there were four written Gospels, there was the single oral telling of the good news. Ben Witherington III explores what that might have sounded like in written form.

Hear the story of Jesus' baptism afresh from this imaginative account by Ben Witherington based on our canonical Gospels.

Secure in our knowledge of the coming Kingdom, we can live as light in the darkness of today.

All creation worships the Lord with joy because of his saving and just reign.

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