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Hear the story of Jesus' baptism afresh from this imaginative account by Ben Witherington based on our canonical Gospels.

Secure in our knowledge of the coming Kingdom, we can live as light in the darkness of today.

All creation worships the Lord with joy because of his saving and just reign.

The incarnation is theologically linked to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is connected to our own bodily resurrection.

We need more than a tepid, easy-to-swallow, so-called gospel that is void of power, holiness, and transformation. We want a rebirth of New Testament Christianity.

Bible Verses on the Ascension (NIV) When you ascended on high, you took many captives; you received gifts from people, even from the rebellious— that...

Dying with Christ, we die to the world’s power to order our lives. We are free to become fully God’s new creation.

Jesus has taken Peter through the whole recommissioning process, and it was emotional.

More than simply the final guarantee of life after death, Easter was the decisive start of the general resurrection and has set in motion the final redemption and transformation of all creation.

Any Sunday, and Easter Sunday especially, is the most apt opportunity to preach the risen Jesus Christ, and to offer the opportunity for hearers to respond.

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