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In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Steve Seamands explains how three elements present at Pentecost—wind, fire, and speaking in tongues, all represent the continual work that the Spirit of God wants to accomplish in and through his church.

The topic of Divine revelation has become a source of contention in the Church. Can we reclaim this powerful gift of God without harming others? Andrew Dragos draws on several helpful points from Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation by William J. Abraham.

Where did Pentecostalism come from? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Scott Kisker traces the origins of this American and global phenomenon by describing the various Wesleyan and Methodist contexts from which it emerged in the Western world.

Judith MacNutt shares on sexual healing, parenting, and the Holy Spirit in this video interview. Judith and her husband run Christian Healing Ministries, a Christ-centered, ecumenical, and non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer.

Do you remember the last time you heard the voice of Jesus? Maybe it was two minutes ago or maybe you are not actually sure if you ever have. Hearing God can seem out of reach for many because it has sometimes been seen as mysterious or reserved for mystics and the exceptionally spiritual. Heather Celoria shares why it doesn't have to be this way.

Scott Kisker explains how several traditions recaptured the significance of a genuine faith encounter with Jesus Christ following the Protestant Reformation.

Our hope is like no other. Its vibrancy overcomes life’s difficulties. This hope is about Jesus’ return. In revival it flows so strong that...

But to effectively serve Christ in the world, we must not merely be called holy; we must actually be holy. In today's article, Timothy Tennent helpfully explains how the pouring out of the Spirit at Pentecost provides the church with this needed holiness.

What do well-drilling, youth ministry, medical ministry have in common? They're all ways in which the Holy Spirit is powerfully moving across the world. In this article, Reed Hoppe of The Mission Society shares the testimonies of 7 different missionary families doing sharing in inspiring kingdom stories around the world.
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In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. John Oswalt shares how the Holy Spirit is given to empower our lives so that we may fulfill the new covenant God has for his people. In this way, he demonstrates that there is clear continuity between the presentations of the Spirit of God in the Old and New Testaments.

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