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Jesus was human and because Jesus was a human, he needed to be empowered from day one with and by the Holy Spirit. If this is true, then it is true that you and I need the Holy Spirit even more so.

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world today? In part five of this series, we feature the dynamic answers of Ben Witherington III, Al Gordon, Stuart Townend, Thomas Oord, and Amy Oden.   Ben Witherington III– Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, author of more than 30 books, and elected member of the prestigious Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas. “On where do I see the Holy Spirit working, I would say in the Middle East. Muslims are having vivid dreams of Issah, Jesus, even Muslims who've never read a Bible or had real contact with Christians.  The Spirit is up to something, undercover, behind the scenes, imperceptibly, but nonetheless definitely.”   Al Gordon –Services Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton and co-founder of Worship Central, an international worship training and resource center. “Here in the UK and in other parts of the world where we are working, I see the Holy Spirit searching for servants […]

How do you see the Holy Spirit moving in our world today? In part two of this series, we get answers from Scot McKnight, Darrell Bock, Elaine Heath, Steve Seamands and Victor Reasoner. They weigh in offering unique, global perspectives.

We cannot live into God’s full salvation and continue forward in our spiritual journey toward Christlikeness without sanctification.

What are the threads in history that connect Methodism to Pentecostalism? Peter Bellini lists many of the connections that become convincing evidence that there is at least some kind of connection there. He posits that the connection is reliance on the Holy Spirit, and that Christianity needs a return to seeking that connection.

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world today? That is the question the Seedbed staff set out to answer. In part three of this series, we are featuring the responses of Greg Boyd, Nicky Gumbel, Will Willimon, Pete Greig, and Timothy Tennent.   Greg Boyd - President of Christus Victor Ministries, author of more than 20 books, Senior Pastor at Woodland Hills Church, and he was ranked #4 on Superscholar.org’s Most Influential Christian Scholar’s list. “I am most excited about the way Holy Spirit is giving people a fresh vision of what the post-Christendom Church will look like. All around the globe, and from a remarkable diversity of tribes, the Spirit is calling people into the beautiful, humble, counter-cultural, other-oriented, enemy-loving, cross-carrying, servant Kingdom of God.”   Nicky Gumbel – Vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton, popular and award-winning author of several books, and is most well known for developing the Alpha […]

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, which still seems to be true of the mission field and church today. In this article, Stan Self offers 7 ways to foster a climate of listening for God's calling within the local church.

Jack Deere shares healthy ways that a church can grow in the spiritual gifts.

In remembrance of the coming of the Holy Spirit and the church's birth at Pentecost, Lo the Poet offers this reading of Acts 2:14-41.

What is Pentecost all about? Dale Coulter shares why this outpouring of the Holy Spirit is crucial for us today.

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