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But to effectively serve Christ in the world, we must not merely be called holy; we must actually be holy. In today's article, Timothy Tennent helpfully explains how the pouring out of the Spirit at Pentecost provides the church with this needed holiness.
entire sactification

The holiness movement reminds us that alien righteousness is not God’s last word for the believer. Read more today from Timothy Tennent on the gift of entire sanctification and what it means for Christians.

I have been encouraged by the recent conversation about the renewal of Wesleyan orthodoxy in the blogosphere and on twitter. (For a brief introduction...

Caleb Friedeman’s recent post titled “Eight Things Wesleyans Could Learn from Neo-Calvinists” seemed to be right and true. It got me thinking, however, about...

What Is the Order of Salvation? http://youtu.be/RbKtXvGCYyo What Is Prevenient Grace? http://youtu.be/nG-AUaFgFbM What Is Convicting Grace? http://youtu.be/0S2s6JH_tkY What Is Justifying Grace? http://youtu.be/Jwb9LdSCtkI What Is Sanctifying Grace? http://youtu.be/zwPuqgq74Ds

W. B. Fitzgerald once summarized British Methodists' distinctive Wesleyan aspects of salvation with the “four alls." Read more from Scott Kisker as he explains how these relate to biblical salvation.
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http://youtu.be/qx5bhDixAUs How do modern understandings of the baptism with the Holy Spirit trace their understandings to John Wesley and John Fletcher? Dr. Larry Wood shares. View...

Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Bill Guerrant shares the truth about the "good old days" and where we stand now in terms of poverty, war, and the evils present in the world today.
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http://youtu.be/6sG08YuAZEU Dr. Ben Witherington III discusses why he considers the Wesleyan understanding of the gospel to be most faithful to Scripture. View our growing playlist of...

Marriage should not be characterized by secrets hidden in the shadow, separation, image maintenance, or the overestimation of one's own capacities at the expense of the underestimation of those of your partner.

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