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Adam and Eve started a trend. They set a twofold pattern of disobedience: idolatrous submission and exploitive grasping. Instead of ruling over and caring...

Is your faith a box or a path? How do you view yourself, or others in your community? Read more today from Mark Ongley as he shares personal stories of people on the path of faith.

Is the outrage against Donald Trump's words simply political posturing? Mark Benjamin shares the most candid truth regarding sexual abuse.

Sometimes the responses we offer to victims of abuse are simply wrong. Read more today from Mark Ongley as he suggests a better way forward.

Sometimes pastors are not equipped to deal with the type and intensity of problems a member may be experiencing. Misty Lawrence explains how to know when it is time to refer your member to a therapist.

Sometimes we like a clean cross with no sign of a struggle at all. Patricia S. Taylor shares what kind of cross we need to encounter when times are dark.

So often, we shut down and deny any feelings we have that seem negative or uncomfortable, but Silverio Sanchez shares how the Psalms encourage lament to be part of our worship.

Augustine famously said, "You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you." In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Christopher West shares how God wants to heal all of our sexual brokenness by inviting us to find our deepest longings in Jesus Christ.
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The practice of confession is the discipline of bearing ourselves before God and others for the sake of release from the power of sin. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video with Dr. Kevin Watson as he shares an underrated and powerful spiritual discipline for the Christian life.

What is perfectionism really like? Kasey Tinsley Puckett shares her journey of acknowledging her weaknesses as a perfectionist and relying on Jesus to be perfect on her behalf.